In this tutorial you'll learn how to connect and configure devices through the powerful INDI framework.

This will only cover basic usage of INDI through the AstroPhoto Plus control panel, for more information and support on INDI please visit INDI homepage.

Choosing INDI drivers

First, click the INDI Server menu item on the homepage of AstroPhoto Plus, or on any page using the side menu.
INDI server page

The first thing you want to do is to enable some devices, depending on your setup. You can either look in the appropriate category looking for your brand/model, or use the Filter form.

In my case, as I have ASI Camera and Filter Wheel, I'll search for ZWO for the first, and ASI for the latter (for some odd reason, the ASI Camera INDI driver is not named ASI but just ZWO).
Selecting devices

You also need to select both the Astrometry INDI driver and a telescope driver if you plan to use the PlateSolving feature.

If your setup doesn't include a computerised telescope mount, you can still take advantage of AstroPhoto Plus platesolving feature by selecting the Telescope Simulator driver.

Save INDI profile

When you're done selecting drivers, the next recommended step is to click the add button in order to save the current selection as a profile.

Save INDI profile
The next time you will use AstroPhoto Plus, instead of looking for devices, just load the correct profile.
INDI Profile menu

Start INDI Server

As soon as you're done selecting the devices (or loading the profile), click the green Start button on the right. INDI server should be started with the selected drivers, and if everything went fine, and autoconnect is enabled in Settings, you will also be automatically connected to it. If not, and you got no error notifications, click the connect button.

INDI server connected

The top menu will then populate with the connected device names.

Configure devices

Clicking on each of the device tabs will open the related control panel, where you can change every control for each device.

INDI device properties

Useful tips

Save configuration

When you're done with configuring your devices, remember to go to the Options tab and click Save on theConfiguration property, so this configuration will automatically be loaded next time you connect your devices.

Save INDI device properties

Next steps

You can now go to the Camera tutorial.