Get AstroPhoto Plus

Open a terminal, and run the following command:

wget -N -q && sudo bash ./ && rm

The script will automatically download dependencies, install and setup AstroPhoto Plus, and optionally setup sudo permissions and Wifi access point for you (useful if you need to use AstroPhoto Plus as a remote software.


Stable releases can be found on the Github Releases page.

Last build


You can also download a daily snapshot at the development builds page. These are usually much less tested, but may have more advanced features.

Run AstroPhoto Plus

Since AstroPhoto Plus is a web application, all you need to do after installation is open your browser. If you installed the server on the same computer you're running your browser, just open http://localhost.

Otherwise just replace localhost with the ip address of the server.

See the guides page to get more information on AstroPhoto Plus usage.