Release 1.0.1

This release fixes a couple of minor issues, while introducing also some enhancements.

Download files from the Github release page

Changelog (since 1.0.0):

[1.0.1] - 18/03/2019

Minor fixes and enhancements


  • Download FITS files from Camera page
  • Allow to set server name (shown in Menu, Homepage and title bar)
  • Sort INDI devices, groups and properties alphabetically in order to have a more consistent UI


  • Fix crash when pressing Enter in INDI Profile dialogue
  • Fix debayer issue
  • Fix 8 bit images not properly previewed
  • Instead of forcing reload of app, just warn the user if backend version != frontend version.

Just a quick post to highlight that now AstroPhoto Plus features a webchat for user support and discussion.

You can find it here: